Mascot Materials

Mascot Materials

1) Mascot materials to be used to creat mascot mockup:

-EVA foam:Water resistance, anti-corrosion, environmental protection, easy processing, high elasticity and anti-tension, strong toughness, good shockproof, buffering performance, heat insulation, heat preservation, resistance to cold and exposure.

-EPE foam:same features as EVA foam except the density is lower and not durable as EVA foam. for customers require cheap quality of mascot.

-Sponge material:With superior resilience and breathability​, easy to process, used for mascot with giant shape

-Fiberglass mascot material head, fiberglass is very rigid, not good for hugging, prone to cracking, which means more repairs, and is very heavy, making it uncomfortable for a performer to wear he mascot head for a long period of time. upholestery foam absorbs and traps moisture and odors, it also decays very quickly and is not at all breathable. but the apperance is smooth, the outlooks more vivid and shinning. here are example of mascot head with fiberglass material, weigh of each 12kgs(26lbs), normally we don't recommand fiberglass mascot due to it's heavey and fragile.

Fiberglass head VS fur plush coating head

2) Inside a Mascot Head

Helmet and cooling fan fixed inside a mascot head to ensure safety of mascot wearer when give performance, carry belt included inside a mascot costume with giant shape

3) Mascot materials for outfit

Good quality of short hair or long hair velvet, patent leather..material to make mascot outfits

4) Inside the mascot

Mascot collar to cover neck when give performance, stuffed padding body makes mascot outfits puffy and looks cute and friendly to people.the hidden zipper gives the mascot costumes a better looks

5) Mascot Gloves and Feet

Normally creat a mascot with four fingers which give a best look to the mascot outfits, there is brand new slipper or elastic belt fixed inside the mascot feet to ensure person who wear mascot can walk and give performance freely. the anti-sliper shoes ensure safety to mascot wearer when walking

6) Mascot Ventilation

Small cooling fan inside a mascot costume is powered by 4 pieces of 1.5V batteris for mascot ventilation, we also provide vest and gel packs for hot weather using with a little charges if required.

Ice Vest - Mascot Cooling System
Comes with one size fits all vest and four gel packs for $20, The gel packs can be frozen, refrigerated, or microwave depending on the outcome desired. Some performers don’t want the ice next to them but want a cool surface then you only put them in the fridge. In extremely hot conditions, perhaps ice is a better way to go. Just freeze the gel packs and your good for between one and four hours

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